Video: Living dangerously in America

Video: Living dangerously in America. Some Chinese embraced US said they hated China don’t want to be Chinese, but they still speak Chinese, continue to use their Chinese name and make money from Chinese!? It does not matter how much you love US controlled by AngloSaxon since 1776, look at what they have done to American Indians, slaves from Africa and enacted the 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act still remain inforce today under different names. It is the same bottle different wines. If that is not enough, it does not matter how much money you made, you have only one life. The hate crimes and attacks against Asians, especially Chinese is non-stop. 20% of Americans are high on drug regularly. How would you know your children not growing up as drug addicts? Assuming you survived the physical and mental attack, all your money and wealth could be gone as US is passing law that could takes away everything you have simply because you are Chinese. If that is not bad enough, when the military industrial complex that controls our US Gov’t decided to declare war on China, we will be all locked up in concentration camps just like the Japanese Americans during WWII. Would you considered that is your future in US beautiful and assuring? 一些擁抱美國仇中的中國人說他們討厭中國不想當中國人,但他們仍然說中文,繼續使用他們的中文名字並從中國人那裡賺錢!? 不管你有多愛自 1776 年以來被白人控制的美國,看看他們怎樣對待美洲印第安人、非洲奴隸所做的一切,以及頒布 1882 年的《排華法案》,這些法案今天以不同的名義仍然有效。是同一瓶但不同的酒。如果那還不夠,那不管你賺了多少錢,你只有一條命! 針對亞裔,尤其是華人的仇恨犯罪和襲擊事件層出不窮。 20% 的美國人經常吸毒。您怎麼知道您的孩子在成長過程中不會吸毒?假設你在人身和精神上的攻擊中倖存下來,你所有的金錢和財富都可能消失,因為美國正在通過法律,僅僅因為你是中國人就可以奪走你所擁有的一切。如果這還不夠糟糕,當控制我們美國政府的軍工企業決定對中國宣戰時,我們將像二戰期間的日裔美國人一樣被關在集中營裡。你認為你在美國的未來是美好的、有保障的嗎?

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