Amazing documentary about Chinese governance video!

Amazing documentary about Chinese governance video! George Koo: My friend and colleague, K.J. Noh has introduced us to how China governs vs. the US system. The program from China interviewed mayors of 4 cities located in central China, coastal city in south China, northeast of China and Tibet. I have added an annotation for each city. I am passing this around because our government is spending millions of dollars to spread false information on China for no other reason than to justify making an enemy out of China. Please share this bi-lingual YouTube program to your circle of friends and neighbors. We can do our little bit to reverse the anti-China sentiment.

This fascinating, inspiring documentary about Chinese mayors gives us insight into Chinese governance, public policy, accountability and what it means to “serve the people”. (1:46:00)

Watch this film and you can see why China is constantly getting better.
Why the Government has 90+% popularity.
It’s the quality of its leadership and the mechanisms for making it better.

The documentary takes us to 4 different cities/prefectures: Hefei, Yanbian, Zhangzhou, Nagqu, and then has a synoptic discussion about China’s whole process democracy. Along the way, we see people, policies, economies, as well as the beautiful nature and the distinct indigenous cultures of each region (At 35:20 you can see the sacrifices)

If you prefer to watch in shorter episodes:
Ep1: Hefei City, Anhui: Innovation, Environment, Employment (19:26)

Ep2: Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, Jilin: Soccer, Farming, Farmer’s dance (14:30)

Ep3: Zhangzhou City, Fujian: Buildings, Business, Beaches (25:35)

Ep4: Nagqu, Tibet Autonomous Region: Caring for Vulnerable Nature & People (25:57)

Ep5: Chinese Democracy vs. American Democracy: “promises vs performance” (12:32)

Ep6: Delivering Democracy: people oriented democracy (4:34)


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