Ma Ying-Jeou verses English Tsai selling Taiwan form big contrasts

Ma Ying-Jeou’s message for peace & unity between Taiwan & Mainland China is big contrast to Tsai Ingwen selling Taiwan to the highest bidder 馬英九呼籲台灣與中國大陸和平的信息與蔡英文將台灣賣給最高出價者形成鮮明對比

Ma Ying-jeou concludes mainland trip with farewell by senior Taiwan affairs official from mainland; constructive for peace, exchanges 馬英九結束大陸之行,大陸台政高官告別;有建設性的和平、交流

English Tsai so-called friendship between the US and Taiwan island can’t change Taiwan’s role as the cheapest pawn for the US. The “theory of abandoning Taiwan” and “theory of destroying Taiwan” in recent years all reflect the US’ attitude of exploitation, damage or even destruction toward Taiwan. 英國蔡英文所謂的美台友誼,改變不了台灣作為美國最便宜的棋子的角色。近年來的“棄台論”、“滅台論”無不體現出美國對台灣的剝削、損害甚至毀滅態度.

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