Japan is going places–for WWIII

Japan is going places–for WWIII 日本將參與第三次世界大戰作準備

Japan will participate in NATO’s largest air exercise “Air Defender 23”: This is the largest exercise in its 74 year history, involving 220 aircraft, 24 nations, 10,000+ troops. https://archive.ph/ihrFV



This is a dress rehearsal for integrated air war with Russia.

Japan will also participate in the upcoming US-India “Cope India” air exercises. This is to prepare for war with China.


This comes after a US-Japan integrated bombing exercise (March 19th)


This is right after US-Japanese “Southern Beach” air exercise


This is also on the heels of a recent Japan-India “”Veer Guardian” air exercise in January


And after last year’s Japan-Germany “Rapid Pacific” air exercise

Along with Japan-US-Korea exercises–which have been non-stop–we are clearly preparing for WWIII.

Hitler and Hirohito must be smiling from their graves.

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