Video: Hawaii was a dynamic State

Video: Hawaii was a dynamic State when I arrived in 1974. Today, like most metropolitan cities in US is the playground for the rich and elites. More than 300,000 smart young and educated left last 20 years. Streets are filled with homeless and drug addicts. By Johnson Choi, April 9 2023 當我在1974 年到達夏威夷時,夏威夷是一個充滿活力的州。如今,與美國大多數大都市一樣,它是富人和精英的遊樂場。過去 20 年,超過 300,000 名聰明年輕和受過教育的人離開了。街道上到處都是無家可歸和吸毒者.

Today, the biggest businesses in Hawaii are real estates for the wealthy around the world, crack cocaine, cocaine, marijuana, arm dealers representing the military industrial complex selling weapons of mass destruction to US vassal states like Japan, S Korea, Australia, Philippines and Taiwan turning it into Ukraine 2.0. 今天夏威夷最大的企業是為世界各地的富人提供房地產、也是可卡因、大麻天堂, 不少吃大茶飯的人代表軍工聯合體的軍火商向日本、韓國、澳大利亞、菲律賓等美國附庸國出售大規模殺傷性武器,美國想將台灣變成烏克蘭 2.0

350 FBI agents stationed in Hawaii watching the military bases and Chinese, especially young pretty Chinese girls dating US military officers. 駐紮在夏威夷的 350 名聯邦調查局特工監控在夏威夷的軍事基地和中國人,尤其是那些年輕漂亮的中國女孩與美國軍官約會。

I just got back to Honolulu on Thursday discovered the largest anchor tenant store in downtown, the Walmart is closed (it was formerly occupied by Macy’s). The oldest drug store in downtown for over 50 years, the Long’s Drug was closed last year. The only large store left in downtown Honolulu is Ross. We are wondering how long will Ross last. Downtown Honolulu is now turning into a ghost town littered by Street People! These scene is being repeated throughout America. If it has not happened to your city yet. Don’t hold your breath! 週四剛回到火奴魯魯,發現市中心最大的主力租戶店,沃爾瑪關門了(前梅西百貨公司地點)。 Long’s Drug 是市中心最古老的藥房, 已有 50 多年的歷史,去年已經關閉。 火奴魯魯市中心僅存的大型商店是 Ross。不知道Ross能堅持多久。火奴魯魯市中心現在變成了一個滿是街民的鬼城!這些場景正在美國各地重演。如果它還沒有發生在你的城市。不要屏住呼吸!

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