Video: Marco Rubio Outraged at Dollar’s Decline

Video: Marco Rubio Outraged at Dollar’s Decline, Laments Loss of Horrific US Hegemony Sanctioning Power by weaponizing the US dollar 馬克盧比奧對美元下跌感到憤怒,哀嘆美元喪失武器化傷害美國霸權制裁能力

US Senator Marco Rubio lamented the decline of US dollar hegemony and said “there’ll be so many countries transacting in currencies other than the dollar that we won’t have the ability to sanction them.” (bad news for US, good news for the world) 美國參議員馬克盧比奧對美元霸權的衰落表示遺憾,並表示“將會有如此多的國家使用美元以外的貨幣進行交易,我們將沒有能力製裁它們。” (對美國來說是壞消息,對世界來說是好消息)

When US abuses the trust countries expected from her is the beginning of the decline of US dollar, blame no one! 當美國濫用特權世界對她失去信任時,就是美元下跌的開始,這不能怪罪任何人!

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