bridge of friendship between the two countries

Video: The story behind Macron’s glass of red wine is not only the dream of two young people, but also a bridge of friendship between the two countries 馬克龍這杯紅酒背後的故事,不單是兩個年輕人的夢,更是築起了兩國友誼的橋

The story behind the French and Chinese heads of state drinking red wine together, have you heard of it?

Exclusive article] One glass of wine, two dreams, two countries’ love

Wendy Qu/Senior Media Writer

Anyone who has friends from afar will bring out the best things for his guests to enjoy and enjoy. So, during French President Macron’s three-day visit to China, we saw him listening to the piano, sipping tea, and touring the gardens of ……. Each trip must have been carefully planned.

However, there is one part of the trip that I find very daring.

If you ask people what France reminds you of? I believe that red wine must be one of the answers. For the French president, I thought the leader would put away the red wine glass and bring out the state banquet-grade Moutai to give Macron a different kind of wine tasting experience.

On April 7, President Xi hosted Mr. Macron at a banquet in Song Yuan, Guangzhou, not only with red wine, but also with our domestic red wine made in Ningxia.

The common mentality is that you don’t dare to write in front of Wang Xizhi or talk about paintings in front of Van Gogh, but today we dare to serve homemade red wine in front of the French president, which is a manifestation of national self-confidence.

The red wine that Macron drank came from the Ningxia “West Dove Winery”, which is very young and was only established in 2017.

The promotion ambassador of the winery is a French woman, Chen Xianni, formerly known as Chris Taylor, was born in the famous wine producing region of Burgundy, France, and was very familiar with wine from childhood. She chose Chinese as her major in university and came all the way from France to study in China, a faraway country.

“In 2007, I came to China to study at Sichuan University and changed my Chinese name to Xianni Chen. In addition to my love of wine, I have since added hot pot, barbecue and spicy hotpot. This is how Xianni Chen introduced herself to reporters.

After graduation, Xianni Chen decided to stay in China and turn her hobby into a career, working as a representative of French wineries in Asia and as a sales manager in China for the Rhône Valley region, mainly promoting French quality red wines to China.

In 2019, Chen Xianni came from Shenzhen to Ningxia, in the eastern foothills of the Heilan Mountains in the West Dove Winery met the owner Zhang Yanzhi, a young man from Beijing, is a graduate of Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University of Science and Technology, because of the love of red wine, specifically went to France to study hard for three years, to get a French Bordeaux Wine Institute professional winemaker qualification back, he aspires to make a world standard of Chinese wine.

Two young people, from two different countries, in order to weave a dream, hit it off, one winemaking, one selling wine, Chen Xianni said: “Here, my life has been reversed, before I promoted French wine to China; now, I want to promote Ningxia wine to France and even the world.

Chen Xianni said that she had been selling wine for many years, but was willing to start all over again in the Gobi Desert of Ningxia because she was impressed by Zhang Yanzhi, who said, “There are many mature production areas in the world, but to create a wine region from scratch, can you find a second one except here?

The dream has come true.

Today, the eastern foothills of the Helan Mountains have become the largest concentration of wine grapes in China, accounting for about a quarter of the country’s planted area, with an annual production of 130 million bottles of wine and a total output value of 26.1 billion yuan. The wine industry also provides 120,000 jobs for Ningxia farmers each year, and one of the reasons Ningxia has been able to escape poverty is the development of the red wine industry.

As for the wines produced by Chen Xianni’s Xiyou Winery, they were even included in the procurement list of the United Nations Headquarters’ representative restaurant, and ranked among the highest scores of domestic wines in a number of professional tasting scores, so it is no wonder that they were bold enough to test their swords in front of the French President this time.

Today, Cynthia Chen not only sells wine, but also teaches it. She is now the French director of the Wine Education Institute in the eastern foothills of the Heilan Mountains in Ningxia, and her students are all wine industry practitioners, wine lovers, and people involved in the industry chain. The most attractive thing about China is that there are dreams everywhere,” said Chen Xianni.

The story behind Macron’s glass of red wine is not only the dream of two young people, but also a bridge of friendship between two countries, just like the scene in front of Macron clinking glasses with President Xi.

Original picture: video screenshot of Ningxia West Dove Winery Co.

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