Western Media got caught lying again

Video: Western Gov’t State Sponsored Mouthpiece Media got caught lying again. American felt safer in HK & China than US. 西方政府國家贊助的喉舌媒體再次撒謊。美國人覺得在香港和中國比在美國更安全


Social media’s rise to become the main source of news has had one remarkable effect: when corporate media takes an unfair line, a host of ordinary voices can rise to set the record straight.

Two examples from today: Accusations made by a former BBC reporter of a news black-out over a tragic fire in Beijing were unfair, and the public set the record straight. The story may not have made headlines as quickly as it would in the west, but it was well covered, and accurately so.

Also today: An actress who used to live in Hong Kong has gone to the US and is shocked by the lack of safety there. Ines Laimins and others aren’t fooled about who is stirring up trouble for Taiwan.


今天的兩個例子:BBC 前記者指責北京一場慘烈的火災導致新聞中斷是不公平的,公眾正視事實。這個故事可能沒有像在西方那樣迅速成為頭條新聞,但它得到了很好的報導,而且準確無誤。

同樣在今天:一位曾經住在香港的女演員去了美國,對那裡缺乏安全感感到震驚。 Ines Laimins 和其他人並沒有被誰在給台灣挑起事端上當.

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