What is “information reconciliation”?

What is “information reconciliation”? Former Adversaries sitting down to audit past events, who was the backhand behind it. For Iran-Saudi conflicts highly likely done by the war machines: US & Israel. 何謂「情報對帳」? 沙烏地阿拉伯和伊朗正在迅速恢復外交關係,在兩國外交官談判過程中,一個過去不太熟悉的概念被提出來:「情報對帳」。








It turns out that various hostile covert attacks that Middle East nations thought were done by each other were actually done by the US and Israel to play Middle East nations against each other:

In the course of the negotiations between the diplomats of the two countries, a less familiar concept was introduced: “intelligence reconciliation”.

This concept has not been heard of before, but once I heard it, I felt it made sense. The so-called “intelligence reconciliation” is the two sides openly and honestly put the past grudges on the table, to see each other in the past years, the process of confrontation between the two sides, each party has done “dirty things” to the other side. As a result of this account, the interesting thing happened, both sides found that some dirty things were not done by the other side, so who actually did it?

After the reconciliation, Saudi Arabia and Iran hugged each other and cried: “Brothers, we have been blackmailed for decades!

Saudi Arabia and Iran “intelligence reconciliation” basically ended, both sides very frankly admit what they have done, there are more than 85% of past attacks are not Saudi-Iranian, especially the Saudi oil fields, power station attacks and Iranian oil tankers suffered missile attacks and so on.

The Middle East sources revealed that in order to show a more sincere attitude, Iran also provided evidence that their intelligence department was not present during the time of the attack, a move that was highly appreciated by the Arabs, who also provided evidence of their absence, as did Iran.

As a result of this very heartfelt exchange, relations between the two sides have soared. Originally, the Saudis only wanted to discuss with the Houthis how to improve relations, but to their surprise, the Houthis simply said, “We’re all brothers, no more fighting! The Arab world has also begun to promote the re-acceptance of Syria, Turkish-Egyptian reconciliation, Iran-Bahrain reconciliation and other issues. As the two camps in the Middle East unite, the U.S. and Israel have begun to panic as the “suspects and masterminds” of the attacks over the years, and the Middle East coalition has begun to exchange fire with the U.S. proxy, Israel.

According to reports, some European countries now suddenly want to start “intelligence reconciliation” to see what the previous conflict and chaos is all about!

The United States never dreamed of
The U.S. never dreamed of this outcome!

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