Is Containing China Making America Weaker?

Is Containing China Making America Weaker? | George Koo Interview

The US wants to contain China. Is it possible? Can the US decouple from America? I welcome George Koo, an expert on US/China relations to share his thoughts on these important questions.

0:00 – Intro to George Koo
1:33 – Can We Criticize America and China?
2:46 – Growing Up in China
4:40 – How Money Controls America’s Democracy
7:34 – The Problem with US Government
9:42 – US Policy Towards China is Path of Self-Destruction
13:55 – Why Xi Jinping and Biden Need to Meet
15:43 – America Foreign Policy is too “emotional”
16:32 – Can America “Decouple” from China?
19:08 – Nancy Pelosi and Democracy Double Standards
20:46 – America’s Backsliding Democracy
26:52 – Why Working with China is a Win-Win

Access George’s Asia Times Articles Here:

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