Most Tesla parts in their Shanghai assembly plant are made in China

Stephan Horvath: China (Ningbo • Yuyao) – CEEC Industrial Cooperation Forum. Everybody knows Tesla and it’s iconic e-car factory in Shanghai. That’s the assembly plant. But do you know that most of the parts for these cars are produced in the Industrial Park in Ningbo? 中國(寧波•餘姚)- 中東歐國家產業合作論壇。每個人都知道特斯拉及其在上海的標誌性電動汽車工廠。那就是裝配廠。但是你知道嗎,這些車的大部分零部件都是在寧波工業園區生產的?

It was great to be invited to this year’s CEEC Industrial Cooperation Forum in Budapest, Hungary, organized by the China-CEEC Industrial Cooperation Park and the Ningbo CEEC Innovation Center & Cathay.

Open exchange about innovation and business opportunities works best in face-to-face meetings, it is good to see that our cooperation starts again after a too long break.

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