Tucker Carlson got fired

Tucker Carlson got fired for failing to adhere to rules set for US Gov’t mouthpiece medias reporting news according to NSA guidelines of self censorship, restrictions on Freedom of Speech 塔克·卡爾森因未能遵守美國政府喉舌媒體根據美國國家安全局自我審查指南和言論自由限制規定而被解僱 Tucker Carlson’s departure wipes half a billion off Fox Corp’s market value. The channel has parted ways with its prime-time anchor, who used to attract an audience of 3.7 million

塔克卡爾森的離職使福克斯公司的市值蒸發了 50 億美元。該頻道已與其黃金時段主播分道揚鑣,後者曾吸引 370 萬觀眾

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