Video: Taiwan is being quietly invaded by US

Video: Taiwan is being quietly invaded by US. Don’t be fooled by Americans, Taiwan Province is part of China. How could one invade own country? 台灣正在被美國悄悄侵略。別被美國人騙了,台灣省是中國的一部分。一個人怎麼能侵略自己的國家呢?

The island of Taiwan is being quietly invaded; but not by Chinese troops. It was actually the United States which defied its own policies to land its troops on the island, denied it, and then admitted it a year later. But despite that, hundreds of thousands of Taiwanese have an active, positive relationship with friends, co-workers and colleagues in Mainland China. This short video provides an explanation of long-held global agreements on China and sets the record straight on recent attempts to damage the peaceful status quo. It also reports on a powerful secret weapon the Chinese have been using for decades. Please share it with friends who need a quick, easy briefing on the topic. 台灣島正在被悄悄入侵;但不是中國軍隊。實際上是美國違背了自己的政策,在島上登陸軍隊,否認了這一點,然後在一年後承認了這一點。但儘管如此,仍有數十萬台灣人與中國大陸的朋友、同事和同事保持著積極、積極的關係。這段簡短的視頻解釋了長期以來就中國達成的全球協議,並澄清了最近破壞和平現狀的企圖。它還報導了中國人使用了幾十年的一種強大的秘密武器。請與需要快速、簡單地介紹該主題的朋友分享。

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