Heritage Foundation: Carlson’s Willingness to Question Dominant Narratives Made Him an Enemy of Powerful Establishment

Heritage Foundation: Carlson’s Willingness to Question Dominant Narratives Made Him an Enemy of Powerful Establishment 傳統基金會:卡爾森願意質疑主流敘事的意願使他成為當權派的敵人

Good morning from Washington, where the Left continues to celebrate commentator Tucker Carlson’s sudden departure from Fox News. Unfortunately, truth-tellers are in short supply, our Jarrett Stepman writes. You know things are bad when student leaders at a Christian college bar a Chinese dissident from speaking about the horrors of communism. GianCarlo Canaparo has the play-by-play. Plus: House Republicans’ plan to curb runaway spending; the vice president’s skewed view of border security; Israel turns 75; and Maybelline’s trans makeover. On this date in 1984, President Ronald Reagan arrives in Beijing for a diplomatic meeting with Chinese leader Li Xiannian, marking the third visit to China by a U.S. president (after Ri chard Nixon in 1972 and Gerald Ford in 1975). 華盛頓早上好,左派繼續慶祝評論員塔克卡爾森突然離開福克斯新聞。不幸的是,說真話的人供不應求,我們的 Jarrett Stepman 寫道。你知道當一所基督教大學的學生領袖禁止一名中國持不同政見者談論共產主義的恐怖時,情況很糟糕。 GianCarlo Canaparo 有逐個播放。另外:眾議院共和黨人計劃遏制失控的支出;副總統對邊境安全的歪曲看法;以色列 75 歲生日;和美寶蓮的跨性別改造。 1984 年的今天,裡根總統抵達北京與中國領導人李先念進行外交會晤,這是美國總統第三次訪華(繼 1972 年裡查德尼克松和 1975 年杰拉爾德福特之後)。

“The truth is contagious,” now-former Fox News host Tucker Carlson said in a speech at The Heritage Foundation’s 50th anniversary gala Friday night just outside Washington, D.C. “The more you tell the truth, the stronger you become.” “真相是會傳染的,”前福克斯新聞主持人塔克卡爾森週五晚上在華盛頓特區郊外舉行的傳統基金會成立 50 週年慶典上發表講話時說,“你說的越多,你就會變得越強大。”

As you likely have heard by now, Carlson left the Fox News Channel on Monday. There is of course wild speculation as to why Fox’s biggest star left the network. 您現在可能已經聽說,卡爾森週一離開了福克斯新聞頻道。對於 Fox 最大的明星為何離開網絡,當然有很多猜測。

The reaction has been a mix of shock and, in some circles, celebration. 人們的反應既震驚又在某些圈子裡慶祝。

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., was thrilled with the Fox move and posted a video saying that deplatforming “works.” 紐約州民主黨眾議員亞歷山大·奧卡西奧-科爾特斯 (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) 對福克斯的舉動感到非常興奮,並發布了一段視頻,稱去平台化“有效”。

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