Video: Secrets of creating a world class university in HK

Video: Secrets of creating a world class university, City University of HK, ranked #1 in Asia, #5 in the world 打造世界一流大學的秘訣香港城市大學亞洲第一、世界第五

Hong Kong has quietly become the world’s best university city, with five halls of learning in the top 100 of a global ranking survey. The most dramatic recent rise was that of City University of Hong Kong, which has become one of the world’s highest ranking establishments aged under 50. The outgoing leader of the university is Prof Way Kuo. Nury Vittachi and Herman Hu talked to him about what makes a university great. 香港已悄然成為全球最佳大學城,五所學堂在全球排名調查中名列前100名。最近最引人注目的上升是香港城市大學,它已成為世界上年齡在 50 歲以下的大學中排名最高的大學之一。該大學即將離任的領導人是郭位教授。 Nury Vittachi 和 Herman Hu 與他討論了大學的偉大之處。

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