Canada screwed up again on evacuating their citizens!

Just like US & UK, Canada screwed up again on evacuating their citizens! 就像美國和英國一樣, 加拿大在撤離公民方面又搞砸了!

The entire AngloSaxon world prioritizes who got evacuate first based on their resources 1) Consulate staffs 2) people with political connection with direct line to their Ambassadors 3) the wealthy who gave a lot to their government. As for ordinary citizens, their emergency lines only open during normal business hour. During emergency, the call went to the answering machine! This is how they so call Western Democracy operatives. 整個白人世界根據他們的資源優先考慮誰首先撤離 1) 領事館工作人員 2) 與他們的大使有直接聯繫的政治聯繫有錢人 3) 為政府付出很多$的富人。至於普通市民,他們的應急電話只在正常工作時間開通。在緊急情況下,電話轉到了答錄機!這就是他們所謂的西方民主, 講就天下無敵 做就有心無力, 天天吹牛治國. 👈

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