Peace is anathema to America’s hegemonic geopolitical agenda and bloodsoaked MIC

Peace is anathema to America’s hegemonic geopolitical agenda and bloodsoaked #MilitaryIndustrialComplex. 🇺🇲💀

America needs Asia and Europe to be engulfed by #war so that it can maintain its fraying #unipolar hegemony. 👈🏻

Uncle Sam is seeing some success because of sell-out politicians in the region who are happy to #sacrifice their countries and citizens as cheap #CannonFodder for America.


“The US Air Force is reportedly mulling over a proposal to land its strategic bombers in South Korea and conduct regular deployments of these mighty aircraft in and around the Korean Peninsula. 

The potential of deploying bombers in South Korea followed the announcement of plans to deploy a US #nuclear-armed submarine to the East Asian country for the first time since 1981 under the “#WashingtonDeclaration.” 

In an interview with Nikkei on April 27, Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach, the head of the US Pacific Air Forces, discussed the prospect of deploying bombers in South Korea. 

In April, Pyongyang conducted a test launch of a solid-fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, the Hwasong-18. Wilsbach acknowledged that North Korea had moved away from liquid-fueled, short-range ballistic missiles. 

He stated that this shift indicates technological and operational advancement in North Korea’s missile capabilities. 

Solid-fuel missiles have the advantage of being preloaded with fuel, allowing for a quicker launch preparation time than liquid-fuel missiles. This makes it more challenging for the US military to detect a launch in advance, as the missiles can be easily concealed.

To counter this threat, the US military may resort to more frequent bomber operations in and around the peninsula and even consider the possibility of landing on the peninsula, according to Wilsbach.

US President Joe Biden and South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol adopted the “Washington Declaration” on Wednesday to strengthen their alliance. 

The declaration pledged to increase the visibility of strategic assets in the Korean Peninsula and deepen coordination between the militaries of the two countries. 

As part of this commitment, the US Navy will reportedly deploy an Ohio-class submarine capable of carrying nuclear weapons to South Korea. This marks a significant step in bolstering the US-South Korea defense partnership and sends a clear message to potential aggressors in the region.

Under the new declaration, US nuclear submarines may be allowed to dock in South Korea for the first time in 40 years. Experts believe that the potential presence of a US Navy ballistic missile submarine in a South Korean port would only have #symbolic value. 

North Korea’s threats have led some in South Korea to advocate for the country to develop nuclear weapons. However, the US opposes nuclear proliferation and is instead working to reassure its ally by increasing its military presence in the region. 

This includes deploying nuclear-capable #B52 bombers and other measures to strengthen the defense capabilities of both countries. 

Wilsbach also expressed interest in conducting trilateral air force exercises involving the US, South Korea, and Japan.”

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