Why can’t Chinese unite under Western Democracy?

80-20, an US based political action committee asked a good question, Why can’t Chinese unite under Western Democracy? By Johnson Choi May 1 2023 / 80-20, 一個美國的政治行動委員會提出了一個很好的問題,為什麼中國人不能在西方民主制度下團結?

Western style Christian based democracy is not part of Chinese civilization and culture. 西式基督教民主不是中國文明和文化的一部分。

Chinese might worshiped many Gods, never one God! 中國人可能崇拜許多神,而不是一個神!

CHINESE don’t buy empty promises and lies promised by Western Democracy. 中國人不買西方民主的空洞承諾和謊言。

Historically religion never part of the ruling class in China. 從歷史上看,宗教從來都不是中國統治階級的一部分。

When China is strong ALWAYS comes from strong powerful leadership in Beijing, both ancient time and in modern days. 當中國強大時,總是來自北京強有力的領導,無論是古代還是現代。

China is a civilization state not a nation state. That means it does not matter what passports you hold and where you lives outside China, you are Chinese. 中國是文明國家,不是民族國家。這意味著無論你持有什麼護照,無論你在中國以外的地方住在哪裡,你都是中國人。

If you still feel Western Democracy works for Chinese, look at the sorry state of Taiwan’s Western Democracy, selling their hearts and souls to western hegemony. In Chinese historic terms is traitors, a nation ruled by traitors! 如果你還覺得西方民主對中國人有用,看看台灣西方民主的悲慘狀態,把他們的心和靈魂賣給西方霸權。在中國歷史上就是漢奸,一個由漢奸管治的省市.

80-20 PAC Questions

Q1: Why unite?
A: Do you not feel the rising anti-Chinese sentiment all over the U.S.A.? We need to SPEAK WITH ONE VOICE in order to be heard. If we don’t shout together, we’ll be chopped up to pieces separately.

Q2: Does UNITY give us a stronger political voice?
A: Of course. Even an idiot understands the saying that while breaking a single arrow is easy, breaking a bundle of 20 arrows is very hard.

Q3: So why don’t our numerous AsAm NGOs unite?
A: Because UNITY – speaking with one voice – requires some sacrifice of autonomy from each of the participating NGOs. Therefore, we should not blame those NGOs for not joining a unity movement unless we’ve come up with a proposed structure of the “AsAm Unity Assembly” that is broadly recognized by most NGOs as not only effective in protecting our community but also fair to all NGOs, be they large or small, rich or poor.

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