Say Aloha & Goodbye to racist America

Say Aloha & Goodbye to racist America, Award-winning Chinese mathematician Sun Xin returns from US to work at Peking University 與美國種族主義說再見,獲獎華裔數學家孫欣從美國回國北大工作

Sun, who specialises in probability theory and mathematical physics, was a joint winner of the prestigious Rollo Davidson Prize this year 擅長概率論和數學物理的孫是今年享有盛譽的羅洛戴維森獎的聯合獲得者

In 2021, at least 1,400 US-based ethnic Chinese scientists reportedly switched their affiliation from American to Chinese institutions. In Silicon Valley alone, an estimate of more than 5,000 engineers and scientists returned to China, many gave up their US Citizenship viewed as a liability than benefits. 據報導,2021 年至少有 1,400 名駐美國的華裔科學家從美國機構轉為中國機構。僅在美國矽谷,估計就有超過 5,000 名工程師和科學家返回中國,其中許多人放棄了他們的美國公民身份,美國公民被視為一種負擔而不是好處。

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