The US has gone insane

The US sees its entire raison d’etre as attacking China. 273 Anti-China bills in the first 90 days of Congress. 1,323 in 21-22. The US has gone insane. 美國將其存在的全部理由視為攻擊中國。國會前90天就通過了273項反華法案。 1,323 在 21-22。美國已經瘋了.

Like the recent congressional hearings, these bills touch on almost every aspect of American life.

At a time of intense partisan polarization, bashing China is one issue on which both parties can’t get enough. Republicans sense that China’s rise — and the supposed American decline that accompanies it — serves as a useful political weapon against President Joe Biden.

“The second thing that’s happening, and that’s more concerning for me,” Michael Brenes, Non-Resident Fellow at the Quincy Institute, told Responsible Statecraft, “is that the Biden administration is pursuing a policy where it believes the China threat can be served to revive or renew American democracy and American foreign policy, in a post war on terror era.” Meaning, he added, that everything from domestic renewal to industrial policy to foreign policymaking is being justified on that basis.

As a result, heads of various government agencies have made cases for increasing their budgets based on the need to combat the China threat. Testifying in front of the House Appropriations Committee in late April, FBI Director Christopher Wray said that bureau agents were outnumbered “at least 50 to 1” by Chinese hackers looking to attack critical U.S. infrastructure.

“You can take China. A key part of the Chinese government’s multi-pronged strategy to lie, to cheat and to steal their way to surpassing us as the global superpower in cyber,” Wray said, using that zero-sum scenario as a primary reason for enhancing the bureau’s resources.

Elsewhere, Secretary of State Antony Blinken asked for an 18 percent increase in funding for the Indo-Pacific, asserting that the additional money would be used to pay for “proposals for new innovative investments to out-compete China — including by enhancing our presence in the region, and ensuring that we and our fellow democracies have to offer, including maritime security, disease surveillance, clean energy infrastructure, digital technology, is more attractive than any alternative.”

The Pentagon has repeatedly used competition with Beijing as the reasoning behind growing defense budgets. The title of the latest ask, which would increase DoD’s annual funding to a whopping $842 billions

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