In life there are things we can control

In life there are things we can control, there are things we cannot control. 生活中有我們可以控制的事情,也有我們無法控制的事情. 5-5-23

For things we cannot control, if we talk or write about it and get pay, that will be great.

But things like US war on China is beyond anyone of us’s control, not even the anti-war groups and 100s of talk shows or protests! People in power honest don’t pay a damn!

There are things we could control. It could be painful that could do good to yourself and family that everyone is avoiding with excuses like leaving USA. Especially for those has an estate of 3-10 millions (if you own a home in SF, couple of rental real estates and 401K) still talking, complaining but did absolutely nothing to save yourselves is just beyond me.

Don’t fall into the trap of some of my estate planning attorney friends who died without a will or living trust!

Or some of my doctor clients who are so good curing others but failed to monitor own health, including my cousin, a prominent doctor in HK, dead at age 46!

Stop, seat back and do something for yourself and family.

If you don’t, I do! I am taking steps. I hate to see any of you spending the rest of your life in concentration camps, US Gov’t confiscated everything you worked so hard for, while I am enjoying my retirement in HK or China.

Sure… you going to give me more excuses like your friends in SF, you are well known in SF etc etc…who pay a damn when you are in the concentration camp! Sure! Never going to happen! Are you dead sure?



有些事情我們可以控制。如果要離開美國可能對自己和家人長遠有益的事情可能短期會很痛苦。但是對於那些擁有 美元3-1000 萬資產的人(如果您在 SF 擁有房屋,幾處出租房地產和 401K)仍在談論,抱怨但絕對沒有採取任何措施來拯救自己,這超出了我的想像的不明智.


或者我的一些醫生客戶,他們非常善於治療別人卻沒有監測自己的健康,包括我的堂兄,一位香港著名醫生,46 歲就去世了!



當然……你會給我更多的藉口,比如你在舊金山的朋友,你在舊金山很有名等等……當你在集中營的時候,誰在乎呢!當然!你如果認為永遠不會發生在你身上, 你確定嗎?

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