US aims, fires & destroyed Chinese Consulate in Belgrade

May 7-8th 1999. single B2 Bomber took off frm Whiteman AFB, Missouri headed for Belgrade. CIA provide the target coordinates to destroy the Chinese Consulate in Belgrade. 1999 年 5 月 7 日至 8 日,一架 B2 轟炸機從密蘇里州懷特曼空軍基地起飛,前往貝爾格萊德。中央情報局提供了摧毀中國駐貝爾格萊德領事館的目標坐標.

5 JDAM GPS-guided precision bombs slam into Chinese Embassy in Belgrade killing 3 Chinese journalists: Shao Yunhuan邵云环, Xu Xinghu许杏虎, Zhu Ying朱颖.

US claim it was mistake due to faulty maps, yet NATO “no-hit” map correctly listed Chinese embassy at its location. Somehow US decided to bypass NATO joint command (NATO had no authority to use the B2 Bomber carrying out the attack) to fly the B2 directly out of US with CIA provided coordinates labelled “Belgrade Warehouse 1”. Attack approved by Bill Clinton

Nobody in China believed it was an accident. Chinese people never forgotten

5 枚 JDAM GPS 制導精確炸彈襲擊了中國駐貝爾格萊德大使館,炸死了 3 名中國記者:邵雲環邵雲環、徐星虎許杏虎、朱穎朱穎。

美國聲稱這是錯誤的地圖,但北約“無命中”地圖正確列出了中國大使館所在的位置。不知何故,美國決定繞過北約聯合司令部(北約無權使用 B2 轟炸機執行攻擊)將 B2 直接飛出美國,中央情報局提供標有“貝爾格萊德倉庫 1”的坐標。比爾克林頓批准的攻擊


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