Canada followed US

Canada adopted US hostile policies towards China kicks out Chinese diplomat, China retaliates in Canada diplomat row, with consul ordered to leave 加拿大效仿美國對華採取敵對政策驅逐中國外交官,中國報復加拿大外交官爭端,領事被勒令離境

1 Michael Chong was SANCTIONED by China on 27.03.2021. NONE of his “families” or “relatives” in Canada, China, or HK have been sanctioned.

2 The leaked 9-page “TOP-SECRET intelligence assessment from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service” is dated 20.07.2021.

So, unless MC is a dumbaxx, he knew before the csis “TOP-SECRET” assessment that not just he has been *TARGETED”, he has in fact been sanctioned.
This FARCE is not about Chinese interference. I can’t see any. China has the right to sanction MC for supporting a motion based on BLATANT LIES about China. The scope of China’s sanctions is also not extra-territorial, requires no extra-territorial jurisdiction, and is enforceable within China’s territory.
But this farce shows the rest of the world the real-life Canadian “democracy”.

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