Yellow Perils racism is back in America

Yellow Perils racism is back in America. Such discrimination is brazenly racist. Chinese in America be nervous – very nervous. There is no future in America for you. 黃禍種族主義又回到了美國。這種歧視是明目張膽的種族主義。在美國的華人要緊張 – 非常緊張. 你在美國沒有未來。

Be prepared for Chinese Exclusion Act II. 為排華法案 II 做好準備.

And remember what America did to Japanese Americans (who were American citizens) in America when war broke out between America and Japan during WWII. President Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 that resulted in the internment of Japanese Americans (sent to concentration camps). 還記得第二次世界大戰期間美國和日本爆發戰爭時,美國對美國的日裔美國人(美國公民)做了什麼。羅斯福總統發布了第 9066 號行政命令,導致日裔美國人被拘留(被送往集中營).

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