US wants to blow up Taiwan’s TSMC

English Tsai & US want to blow up Taiwan’s TSMC! What is new? US blew up Russia-Germany gas pipeline, sent missiles to destroy Chinese Ambassy… US Representative Seth Moulton: “One of the interesting ideas that’s floated out there for deterrence is just making it very clear to the Chinese, that if you invade Taiwan, we’re gonna blow up TSMC,” the Massachusetts Democrat had said on May 2, at a conference in California. TSMC stands for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, which makes the majority of the world’s advanced chips. 蔡英文和美國聯手要炸台灣台積電!美國什麼不能幹? 美國炸毀俄德天然氣管道,發射導彈摧毀中國大使館…

One response to “US wants to blow up Taiwan’s TSMC”

  1. It will be the stupidity of all the peoples in Taiwan to let their current corrupted President and his Party the lapdogs of the U.S. to be used like what they had done in Ukraine totally destroying that country and their peoples lives for the benefit of the US Deep State.

    By using Taiwan as a pawn to make war with mainland China will only be using and making Taiwan to be the 2nd Ukraine. Tsai Engwen and his party members will just take the first flight off to the US when the war started where all their corrupted money are stashed there and to enjoy their lives.

    Peoples of Taiwan, wake up, the world only recognized one China and Taiwan their province and part of China. Your life facing a deadly war with the destruction of lives, homes and economy are in your hand to decide because most of you have no where to go.




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