The Mỹ Lai massacre

The Mỹ Lai massacre was a war crime committed by the US on 3-16-68 uncovered by journalists. Today the military industrial complex owned all Western Journalists – all US War Crimes reporting terminated. 美萊大屠殺是美國於 3-16-68 被記者揭露的戰爭罪行。今天,軍工聯合體擁有所有西方記者, 所有美國戰爭罪行的報導都被終止了

It was involving the mass murder of unarmed South Vietnamese civilians by the United States Army in Sơn Tịnh district, South Vietnam during the Vietnam War. 它涉及越南戰爭期間美國軍隊在南越Sơn Tịnh地區大規模屠殺手無寸鐵的南越平民.

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