Wendy Sherman Backs Off on China

Wendy Sherman Backs Off on China and Heads Off Into Retirement Sunset… 溫迪·謝爾曼 (Wendy Sherman) 放棄對中國的看法,走向退休日落… by MARIO CAVOLO MAY 13 2023

If the US has any hope of resuming reasonably effective & engaging communications/diplomacy with China, China has said the U.S. needs to right its course, to back off, to drop its most aggressive stance toward China ever, on a number of well worn issues, mainly the ridiculous balloon overreaction, Taiwan and the never ending horseshit allegations of Uyghur genocide human rights atrocities. China’s hardline is getting a welcome response moving communications in the right direction as we can see from the increased # of meetings & outreach efforts happening while media like National Review continue the hate campaign, vehemently objecting and insisting that all these ridiculous propaganda allegations are real. Recent meetings & plans include the Wang Yi – Sullivan meeting, Amb Burns’s meeting with the Chinese foreign minister in Bejing and coming visits to China by the U.S. Commerce Secretary and Trade Representative.

In the couple of weeks before announcing her retirement from her current position as Deputy Secretary of State, #2 to Secretary of State Blinken, Sherman seemed to be making a serious effort to meet China’s demands, much to the chagrin of lots of folks, of course. Blinken had pretty much put Sherman in charge of the China matters recently and now she has just announced her retirement after over 30 years of service in the U.S. govt. Here’s a National Review review piece on May 12th clearly revealing its disdain, still calling the China balloon incident a “spy” balloon, that the Biden Admin might attempt to stop the insanity found throughout U.S. foreign policy on China these days.

“Citing four State Department sources and internal emails, Reuters reveals that Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman ordered this shift to a policy that favors “engagement” with China.”

Golly gee whiz Batman, engagement with the world’s next rising superpower thats kicking your ass and getting things done 10X better than you are?…what a dumb idea for sound diplomatic foreign policy.

Likewise Reuters here Why the US delayed China sanctions after shooting down a spy balloon continuing to use the word “spy” balloon when its clear it was not a spy balloon, and reflecting exactly why China is done tolerating this crap from U.S. media or its government if anyone wants to have actual genuine communication focused on the needs and interests of the parties involved and the real world.

We’re the good guys and China is evil. Mmm….that’s all for now, Mario

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