CHINESE yellow perils

Will US allowed Native American Indians to become the ruling class like the AngloSaxon in US – hell no! But Chinese & China is an entirely different story / Kishore Mahbubani: A ‘Yellow Peril’ Revival Fueling Western Fears of China’s Rise 美國會允許美洲原住民印第安人像美國的盎格魯撒克遜人一樣成為統治階級嗎?絕對不會!但中國人和中國是完全不同的故事 / Kishore Mahbubani:“黃禍”復興加劇了西方對中國崛起的恐懼

Western concerns about the rise of China are not just the result of cool, hard-headed analysis. As history tells us, they may also come from a subconscious, emotional fear of a non-Caucasian civilization. 西方對中國崛起的擔憂不僅僅是冷靜、冷靜分析的結果。正如歷史告訴我們的那樣,它們也可能來自對非高加索文明的潛意識、情感恐懼。

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