Russia welcomes Chinese shipping to Far East port

Russia welcomes Chinese shipping to Far East port Vladivostok for first time has commercial and military significance. Sino-Russian cooperation to counter US-Japan-Korea hostility 俄羅斯首次歡迎中國航運到遠東港口海參威, 具有商業和軍事意義. 中俄合作對抗美日韓敵意.

Should Chinese forces have access to Vladivostok that expands PLA (China’s People’s Liberation Army) operational options a bit – and also gives Japanese and US [and South Korean] forces one more thing to worry about and to devote resources to covering 如果中國軍隊能夠進入海參威,那將稍微擴大中國人民解放軍的作戰選擇 – 同時也讓日本和美國 [和韓國] 軍隊多擔心一件事,並投入資源進行掩護

PLA and Russian forces conducting joint training of increasing complexity, to include coordinated naval and air operations near Japan – and even encircling Japan 解放軍和俄羅斯軍隊進行越來越複雜的聯合訓練,包括在日本附近甚至包圍日本的協調海空行動

Vladivostok, formerly known as Haishenwai, was part of China before it was ceded to Russian Empire in 1860 under the Convention of Peking. The convention, signed at the end of the Second Opium War, also ceded Hong Kong to the United Kingdom 符拉迪沃斯托克,原名海參威,在 1860 年根據北京公約被割讓給俄羅斯帝國之前,它是中國的一部分。第二次鴉片戰爭結束時簽署的公約也將香港割讓給英國

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