Video: The US always has ears & eyes on you

Video: The US always has ears & eyes on you. Your pillow talks, conversations with anyone, you are naked, no place to hide 美國總是對你耳濡目染, 你牀上性語言, 與任何人交談,在美國監控下, 你變得赤身裸體,無處可藏. 如果你是政客, 美國就用這些黑材料控制你的一生, 一生為美國奴才. 你怕嗎? 今晚會睡得好嗎?

10 years ago, the revealed NSA documents from Edward Snowden shocked the world. From PRISM to recent leaked Pentagon documents, US espionage activities continue to threaten global peace and stability. In this talk show, Yang Sheng will tell you what the US did and how it threatens world peace 10年前,斯諾登洩露的美國國家安全局文件震驚了世界。從 PRISM 到最近洩露的五角大樓文件,美國的間諜活動繼續威脅著全球和平與穩定。在這個脫口秀節目中將告訴你美國做了什麼,以及它是如何威脅世界和平的.

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