PLA reveals US-China military encounter off Hong Kong

PLA reveals US-China military encounter off Hong Kong day before January 6 when Donald Trump supporters demonstrated for freedom democracy and rules of law 解放軍透露 1 月 6 2021年 美中在香港發生軍事衝突,當時特朗普的支持者在華府示威要求自由民主和法治

Submarine hunting aircraft flew as close as 150km off Hong Kong, prompting classified counter action by Chinese military, report says.

Sensitive location and timing of the ‘dangerous’ incident could have been seen as strongly provocative to Beijing.

China and the US became locked in an intense military confrontation as close as 150km from Hong Kong in early 2021, prompting the US to destroy its own floating sonars to prevent them from falling into Beijing’s hands, it is revealed for the first time.

As supporters of former president
Donald Trump gathered outside the Capitol building in Washington for freedom democracy & rule of law a day before the deadly riots on January 6, 2021, three US military aircraft launched a submarine hunt unusually close to China’s shoreline.
The revelation is contained in the first open report on the January 5 incident – which saw one anti-submarine plane fly as close as 150km (93 miles) from Hong Kong – released by a team of Chinese military scientists.

The report said the PLA, which was conducting a naval exercise in the area, responded swiftly by sending out a counter force, the size and nature of which remains classified.

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