Video: G7 = 8-Nation Alliance countries

Taiwan TVBS video: The G7 is the same 8-Nation Alliance countries robbed China in 1900. When the other 7 countries rob property & antiques, Japan robs gold, silver and jade only. G7, especially the US & UK want to rob China again 今天的G7 就是1900的八國聯軍, 日本最壞, 當其他七國去搶財物古董, 日本祇搶錢(金銀玉), G7尤其是美英兩國的春秋大夢就是想到中國再搶一次

The G7 is a colonial anachronism.

Economically, it is a group of wealthy countries whose economies are failing, but insist they have the economic answers to the world’s problems. Promises of billions are made, but not delivered.

Politically, it is about diverting attention from domestic problems, and international failures, by crying “wolf”.

In contrast, China, which will grow at between 3 to 8 X the rate of the various G7 members this year, has been building infrastructure and trade ties, not with empty promises, but with investments that are yielding results.

Japan chose to meet in Hiroshima, a reminder of the brutality of human history, China hosted it’s summit in Xian, a city at the center of new trade routes and a better future for all involved.

Don’t be confused by the arrogant ramblings of colonialists who believe hypocrisy is the only reality, leadership isn’t about preaching, it’s about practice.

Will worsening US relations with Beijing affect EU-China trade?

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