US destroy own chips industry

Financial Times: Chip wars with China risk ‘enormous damage’ to US tech, says Nvidia chief. Jensen Huang tells lawmakers to be ‘thoughtful’ about imposing more export controls on Beijing. Nvidia 首席執行官表示,與中國的芯片戰爭可能會對美國科技造成“巨大損害”. 他告訴立法者要“深思熟慮”對北京實施更多出口管制

The chief executive of Nvidia, the world’s most valuable semiconductor company, has warned that the US tech industry is at risk of “enormous damage” from the escalating battle over chips between Washington and Beijing.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Jensen Huang said US export controls introduced by the Biden administration to slow Chinese semiconductor manufacturing had left the Silicon Valley group with “our hands tied behind our back” and unable to sell advanced chips in one of the company’s biggest markets.

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