Xi Jinping is the personification of collective efforts of China

Adreas Andreopoulos brilliance summary: Xi Jinping is the personification of collective efforts of China.


The tip of the iceberg has a very strong base. The Great Party, the central and provincial governments and administrations, the 1.4 billion Chinese people who construct Ecological Civilization, believing in Socialism with Chinese characteristics based on their accumulated experience. China today is the lighthouse for humanity. Strong China today means strong humanity tomorrow. The Great firewall (BRICS+, BRI, GLOBAL SOUTH, EURASIA, SCO, EEU) has been built against capitalism and all old forms of exploitation of all kinds of resources – let alone human being bearing an exceptional dignity – Ecological Civilization Chief Storyteller in the West

冰山一角有著非常強大的基礎。偉大的黨,中央和各省政府,建設生態文明的14億中國人民,在積累經驗的基礎上相信中國特色社會主義。今天的中國是人類的燈塔。今天強大的中國意味著明天強大的人類。防火牆(BRICS+、BRI、GLOBAL SOUTH、EURASIA、SCO、EEU)是為反對資本主義和對各種資源的所有舊形式的剝削而建立的——更不用說人類享有非凡的尊嚴了——生態文明在西方的首席講故事者

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