US Court Approved Suing the FBI

US Court approved that Professor Xiaoxing Liu could sued FBI for damages for racist fake accusations & arrest accusing Prof. Liu as Chinese spy solely out of imagination

Professor Ling-chi Wang:

Xi Xiaoxing has been the bravest in his fight against the US government, especially, the FBI,, as you mentioned.  I too admire his courage and determination to obtain justice for himself and for thousands of Chinese scientists and engineers who have become victims of government repression and discrimination. 

Since his early morning arrest by FBI stormtroopers in his home on May 21, 2015, he has been fighting tirelessly against government’s false accusations across the country, defending his rights and innocence, including a weeklong speaking tour of the SF Bay Area in October 2017.  (He was accused of exploiting the semiconductor research” for the benefit of third parties. In China, including government entities.”  This translates into espionage and treason!)  This is a high-profile case to emerge since the Wen Ho Lee case of 1999-2000.  Prior to the Wen Ho Lee case, the most important case of racial profiling and political repression was the case of Dr. Tsien Hsue-then or Qian Xuesen) during the height of the Cold War in early 1950s.  In these and other cases, the lives, careers, and families were ruined.  No apology and no compensation!

 In Prof. Xi’s fight against government’s wrongful prosecution, he has been tirelessly and skillfully supported, also across the country, by his daughter, Joyce,  She has been a low-key, but effective organizer and eloquent public educator.  I am very proud of Prof. Xi and Joyce because their struggle has greatly educated, inspired and encouraged other Chinese American scientists and engineers to join the resistance against government and media racial prejudice and political repression.  Chinese Americans are soundly rejecting the stereotype of silent victims of racial injustice.  For too long, many Chinese Americans have chosen to suffer in silence, capitulated to wrongful prosecutions, or worse, chose to plead guilty to lesser and unrelated charges.

On September 14, 20215, the U.S. Department of Justice dropped all charges against Prof. Xi because the government had become aware of “additional information.”  That “additional information” is an euphemism to cover up government prejudice and ignorance of the science in Prof. Xi’s research projects. 

In May 2017, after careful consideration, Prof. Xi decided to sue the FBI for knowingly made false statements to prosecutors, of misunderstanding the science in the case, and of ignoring information he’d been given prior to the prosecution that established Xi’s innocence.   Prof. Xi also alleged “the fabrication of evidence to secure an indictment, the falsification of reports and affidavits to obtain a warrant for the search of the Xi family’s home and belongings, and the discriminatory prosecution of Prof. Xi on the basis of his race and ethnicity.”  

The latest ruling of the federal appellate court allows Prof. Xi’s suit against the FBI to move forward.

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